ClimateCafe New Energy Forum 22 June 2023

During the New Energy Forum, we will have a climate café. Our urban and rural environment are becoming increasingly vulnerable for climate change and there is an urgent need to become more resilient. ClimateCafé is a field education concept involving different fields of science and practice for capacity building in climate change adaptation. ClimateCafé involves the development of a set of measurement tools that can be applied in different areas in a low-cost low-tech approach with stakeholders and practitioners. ClimateCafé uses storytelling and sketching as methods to connect stakeholders, motivate action, evoke recognition in a jointly formulated goal, such as taking climate action. The ClimateCafé method was tested in different areas around the globe in groups of (young) professionals and stakeholders in rapid urban appraisals.

During this session we will focus on how to make cities more resilient, how can cities become more resilient to water and how can they become more resilient against extreme heat. We will discuss with the participants on ways to engage citizens.

You will learn in an informal fun international interdicipline setting:

  • Innovating Best Management Practices in climateadaptation (fieldvisit climateadaptation lab Building)
  • Circular economy and climateadaptation  (fieldvisit climateadaptation lab Building)
  • be able to map climateadaptation and work with database with over 10.000 solutions (
  • Able to monitor how climateadaptation works in practice (hydraulic test, waterquality testing etc.
  • Present your ideas to public