ClimateCafé: Our urban and rural environment are becoming increasingly vulnerable for climate change and there is an urgent need to become more resilient. ClimateCafé is a field education concept involving different fields of science and practice for capacity building in climate change adaptation. ClimateCafé involves the development of a set of measurement tools that can be applied in different areas in a low-cost low-tech approach with stakeholders and practitioners. ClimateCafé uses storytelling and sketching as methods to connect stakeholders, motivate action, evoke recognition in a jointly formulated goal, such as taking climate action. The climatecafe method was tested in different areas around the globe in groups of young professionals and stakeholders in rapid urban appraisals.



Who are we? We are a global community powered by individual, corporate, and academic climate change influencers. This movement raises awareness and mentors capacity building on Climate Adaptation with open source tools such as and ClimateCafé events around the world.

Want to be a part of our community? Great! We connect you with excellent projects and people. Our community includes senior consultants, designers, developers, policy experts, community organizers, environmental scientists, journalists, activists, concerned citizens, and many more. We seek to educate and inspire tech and non-tech people alike. There is a lot to do, and no matter what you know, you can be part of the global solution.

Looking to collaborate with ClimateCafé? We partner with nonprofits, governments, and community advocates on technology projects. Please contact us with more information about your idea. Join us at or go to our contact page. The world needs you. Some of our partners & projects: