ClimateCafe Cebu April 2023

The River Scan Challenge 2023, now on its fifth year run, is jointly organized and coordinated by the University of San Carlos, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, and Cebu Leads Foundation Inc. This event is conducted in partnership with Metro Cebu local government units. The subjects of the River Scan Challenge for this year will be the following rivers: Mahiga River and Butuanon River. These rivers receive all kinds of wastes: untreated wastewater and solid wastes from the urbanized environment. The purpose of the River Scan Challenge is to highlight the technical dimensions of doable strategies for the rehabilitation of aforementioned rivers. These include the quantity and quality aspects of the river water, the presence of plastic waste, understanding of the socio-cultural and socio-economic dimensions of the local residents along the rivers as well as the enabling policies. Mixed teams of Dutch and Filipino students will work together in a 2-week challenge to determine the best solution to improve the conditions of the rivers.  A timelapse impression of the event:

The end-results of 12 videos:

Groupt 1

group 2

groep 3

group 4

group 5

group 6

Group 7

group 8

group 9

group 10

group 11

group 12

As preparation 2 presentations about earlier climatecafes in the Philippines were given in GroenBlauw climatecafe weekly:

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