Climatecafe 13-22 October 2019 Cebu, Philippines

Climatecafe Cebu: riverscan 2019
The Cebu City River Scan Challenge 2019 on its third year-run, is a joint program of Dutch universities and the University of San Carlos in collaboration with the Cebu City Government. The program is coordinated by the Cebu Leads Foundation Inc who is now the new operations unit of the Metro Cebu Development Coordinating Board (MCDCB). The subjects of the River Scan Challenge are Mahiga and Guadalupe rivers. These rivers are very polluted because they receive all kinds of wastes; untreated wastewaters and solid wastes, from the urbanized environment. These rivers are crucial to the flood occurrences in the highly urbanized city of Cebu.

The purpose of the Cebu City River Scan is to highlight the technical dimensions of doable strategies for the rehabilitation of these rivers. These includes the quantity and quality aspects of the river water, the presence of plastic waste, understanding of the socio-cultural and socio-economic dimensions of the local residents along the rivers as well as the enabling policies. An impression of climatecafe Cebu 2019:

Six (6) mixed teams of Dutch and Filipino students worked together in a 6-day challenge. The different groups visited several locations, performed field measurements, collected data and were involved in laboratory tests, expert consultations, group discussions and interviews for them to formulate practical and innovative strategies to make cleaner Mahiga and Guadalupe rivers. The strategies are presented in a end-conference with stakeholders. Students worked together intensively in an intercultural setting. More info:

Previous climatecafe in Cebu: Climatecafe Cebu 2019 was the third edition in Cebu (after 2 climatecafes in Manila). An impression of previous Butuanon RiverScan November 2018, Philippines:

Butuanon RiverScan November 2018, Philippines

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