Climatecafe Oldenburg, Germany 24-27 February 2020

ClimateCafé klimaatcafe Oldenburg in Germany took place during Water #Governance Conference 2020: with projects as #waterCoG topsoil, CATCH #STEER #goCAM from Interreg NorthSeaRegion

impression of ClimateCafe Oldenburg:

Sustainable Water Governance: Improving effectiveness of (technical) measures through communication and co-governance approaches

In sustainable water management, the protection of (ground)water quality as well as quantity management are core activities of water providers. Concepts such as ecosystem services or co-governance gain more importance in recent years. „Governance“ addresses connects all these issues. Projects with a focus on governance study the development and implementation of technical and non-technical measures – and how they are depending on the legal contexts or conflicting uses.

Climatecafe is a multidisciplinary international governance tool in several national and international projects on water governance: IMPETUS, WaterCoG and INXCES. During a conference involving projects (WaterCoG, STEERM, goCAM and TOPSOIL, Catch) a climatecafe Oldenborg is organised to encourage and enhance the exchange between the projects. The transnational knowledge exchange during the conference and climatecafe is also intended to strengthen the existing network and to identify key future challenges in the field of water governance. 

INTERREG projects meeting in Oldenburg with ClimateCafe

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