Comming up: Climatecafe Rotterdam 2-6 September 2019

Climatecafe raises awareness of climate adaptation in cities, will take place in the first week op September in Rotterdam. This practical, action-oriented method, for identifying climate challenges in cities has been implemented globally and was priviously performed in 2017 in Rotterdam. This second edition will cover the Rotterdam area including Westland and Delft supported by EU projects as WaterCoG and Sponge2020.  

The changing climate affects the living environment in our cities. A well-known example is heavier precipitation resulting in floods. However, climate change also affects air and water quality, and rising temperatures in cities may cause heatstress. It is important that all stakeholders are aware of these climatechange related challenges.

Climatecafe Rotterdam in numbers: 180 young professionals, 30 teams in 4 workpackages about flooding/heatstress/social cohesion and waterquality.  

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