Climatecafe 3-6 September 2019 Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Climatecafe raises awareness of climate adaptation in cities. Climatecafe Rotterdam took place in the first week op September 2019. This practical, action-oriented method, for identifying climate challenges in cities has been implemented globally. This 26th edition covered the Rotterdam area including Westland with a record of 200 participants.  

Floris Boogaard introduces climatecafe’s around the world

Climatecafe Rotterdam 2019

Around 200 young professionals linked to the water management courses of the Hogeschool Rotterdam and Groningen, participated in the 26 edition of climatecafe ‘Climatecafe Rotterdam 2019’. During the week, the young professionals measured parameters important to asses the current state of the city and its surroundings, such as heat stress, water quality, infiltration capacity, climate adaptation best management practices, citizen perceptions and much more. Measurements were taken in the city of Rotterdam and in the Westland area, and are used in a ‘citizen science’ context for further research. Next to this, the participants visited and mapped implemented solutions such as de ‘Dakpark‘ a large rooftop garden in Rotterdam. Furthermore, they brainstormed for solutions on how to adapt to climate change.

The students evaluated the week as ‘wet’ (it rained a lot) and ‘informative’ and they indicated it to be a valuable week to get to know each other and doing actual climate change adaptation. More results will follow… Click here and here for an impression. #doingadaptation #actualadaptation #accelerationadaptation

why a climatecafe?

The changing climate affects the living environment in our cities. A well-known example is heavier precipitation resulting in floods. However, climate change also affects air and water quality, and rising temperatures in cities may cause heatstress. It is important that all stakeholders are aware of these climatechange related challenges.