ClimateCafé Praia, Cape Verde, July 3-12, 2024

The upcoming July 2024 marks the first-ever ClimateCafé to be hosted in Praia, Cape Verde. Over the past two years, Cape Verde University and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences have cultivated a robust collaboration, supported by the Intercambios Foundation in the Netherlands.

During this event, mixed teams comprising students from both The Netherlands and Cape Verde will collaboratively address the climate-related challenges that Cape Verde is currently grappling with. The vulnerability of Cape Verde to climate change is evident in various aspects, such as the heightened frequency and intensity of droughts leading to agricultural losses and posing a threat to biodiversity, as well as alterations in the hydrological regime resulting in flash floods.

Earlier this year, representatives from Cape Verde University visited the Centre of Expertise Social Innovation, specifically engaging with the Citylife team. A notable development is the imminent launch of the Neighborhood Information Center on Climate Adaptation (WIECK), a project designed to inform and engage residents about climate change and its impacts on their neighborhoods.

In 2024, there will be a deliberate emphasis on community engagement and the exchange of experiences between students and community members, fostering a tangible sense of equality. Recognizing the vulnerability of communities in flood plains during flash floods, a strategic effort has been initiated to collaborate closely with these communities. Residents in these areas possess valuable insights into the impacts, frequency, and causes of flood incidents. The organizers aspire to facilitate meaningful interactions between students and community members in an equitable setting, enabling the exchange of experiences related to the broad impacts of climate change and flood incidents that affect all strata of society. This collective effort aims to create a platform where shared knowledge and experiences contribute to a more resilient and informed society.

More information: Rick Heikoop, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences,