ClimateCafé Cairo and Nile Delta January 28 – February 4, 2024

ClimateCafé is thrilled to announce the success of our recent meeting at the Egyptian ambassador’s residence, where we took significant strides in enhancing collaboration between Egyptian and Dutch Higher Education Institutes on the critical topics of water management and climate adaptation.

In partnership with Cairo University’s Faculty of Agriculture, we established a collaboration with Dutch Higher Education Institutes. During a productive discussion with the Egyptian ambassador and Consul, we strengthened the ties between the two countries. Together, we delved into the opportunities and challenges of working together on water management and climate adaptation.

This meeting served as a follow-up to the highly successful ClimateCafé Cairo and Nile Delta 2023 event. During this gathering, we brought together Dutch and Egyptian students, researchers, and practitioners to collaboratively address real-life cases and propose solutions for water and climate issues.

Excitingly, we’re pleased to announce that another ClimateCafé event is on the horizon, scheduled for February 2024. This upcoming event will provide a continued platform for fostering the exchange of knowledge, skills, and experiences between our students and partners. We look forward to further advancing our collaborative efforts in addressing the pressing challenges of water management and climate adaptation.

ClimateCafe Cairo took place between January 28 and February 4 2024. The focus of this ClimateCafe was on heat stress, water stress, salinity and sea level rise. See below for the video’s with innovative solutions.

What are the innovative solutions to deal with heat stress?

What are the innovative solutions that can decrease the adverse impacts of salinity on plants?

How we can deal and mitigate water stress  ( shortage)?

How can we address the sea level rise in the northern coast?

More information: Rick Heikoop, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences,