ClimateCafe Peru 2023

Exploring Climate Resilience: Insights from ClimateCafé Peru 2023

The tangible impacts of climate change are no longer distant projections but stark realities, shaping the landscapes of our planet. As extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and disruptions to ecosystems become increasingly prevalent, the urgency to address this complex challenge escalates.

Through fieldwork and interactive sessions, students assessed current challenges, linked them to future scenarios, and brainstormed innovative solutions. Work packages including storytelling, biodiversity mapping, heat stress measurements, and chemical water quality assessments provided comprehensive insights into climate change adaptation strategies.

One of the focal points of ClimateCafé Peru 2023 was the discussion around the El Niño phenomenon. El Niño, a complex weather pattern occurring every two to seven years, disrupts customary trade winds, leading to drastic climatic shifts. The passage of El Niño Costero in Peru earlier that year brought heavy rains and floods, affecting over 787,000 people and highlighting the vulnerability of coastal communities to its impacts.

The ClimateCafé also delved into integrated water resources management, particularly in the Chira Piura Basin. The region faces challenges stemming from hydroclimatological hazards, exacerbated by reactive institutional cultures and limited stakeholder engagement. Projections for changes in extreme rainfall patterns underscored the pressing need for proactive water resource management strategies.

The Mangroves of Tumbes National Sanctuary, home to diverse flora and fauna, play a vital role in coastal protection and biodiversity conservation. Efforts to raise awareness and promote sustainable use of these ecosystems were highlighted as integral to long-term resilience. During the ClimateCafé, students not only learned about the important role of mangroves, but we also got our hands (and feet) dirty to plant dozens of new trees to expand the mangroves.

For a closer impression of the two seperate locations, check out the following videos: