Early international Climate cafes 2014-2016 in Taiwan and Philippines

Some examples of international collaboration in ‘climateproof megacities’ using climatecafe setting can be found in the Philippines and Taiwan. Various climate related topics have been discussed as heatstress maps that also were  validated by students from Taiwan and The Netherlands with dynamic temperature measurements in the urban area.

Over the coming years more collaborations followed with national and international authorities. For example, in April 2016 around 20 students from Rotterdam and Groningen Universities of Applied Sciences traveled to Manila to generate solutions to the flooding and wastmanagement problem and the contaminated rivers together with Filipino students and this was commissioned by local authorities.

More info: https://www.climatescan.nl/projects/343/detail

From the first succes with climatescans  in the countries Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines, projects are planned in countries such as India, Colombia, Kenya and Australia and various European countries .

‘Share your talent, move the world’.