Climatecafe was born in Mae Phaem, Thailand (2012)

‘climateproof the world’
Knowledge exchange in a climatecafe setting is applied in international projects. International knowledge sharing and commitment from education form a central part of the ‘climateproof world’ research. The aim is to
achieve interdisciplinary working parties from various schools. Climate adaptation is an international task and the interactive tools used in the various projects form a good basis for speaking the same language, despite cultural and language problems. An example is the bottom-up project ‘sustainable living in Mae Phaem’. In 2015, Groningen students from two different study programmes, together with two students from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and one student from
Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, took on the challenge to live and work in a hill tribe on the border of Myanmar and Laos. They used visual technologies such as film and photography (timelapse) to verify the problems in this area as well as
to make vital measures in the water flows. This created awareness of the problem (drought)as well as delivering various potential solutions, and all this with minimal verbal communication.

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