ClimateCafé River Challenge Cebu, April 2025

ClimateCafé event in Cebu City, Philippines, will take place in April 2025. The River Scan Challenge 2025 will be the seventh edition as a collaborative effort led by the University of San Carlos, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, and Cebu Leads Foundation Inc. In partnership with the local
government units of Metro Cebu, this event focuses on the Mahiga River and Butuanon River. These rivers face various environmental challenges, receiving untreated wastewater and solid wastes from the urbanized surroundings.
Additionally, they play a crucial role in draining floodwaters in the highly urbanized cities of Metro Cebu.

The River Scan Challenge
has involved Dutch-Philippines interdisciplinary student teams in tasks ranging from data gathering to water quality measurements and site visits. This year, there will be a heightened emphasis on community engagement and the exchange of experiences between students and community members, fostering a sense of
equality. Communities residing along the riverbanks possess valuable information regarding the impacts and frequency of flood incidents, as well as the causes of flooding and pollution. The organizers aim to facilitate
meaningful interactions between students and community members, allowing for the exchange of experiences related to the impacts of climate change and flood incidents that affect all members of society.

An impression of the results of a climatecafe can be found here, students view on the problems and their ideas to create a better livelihood for the communities among the rivers:

More information: Rick Heikoop, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, and or Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen: Boer JH, Eric, email: