ClimateCafe Nijmegen 12 May 2022, The Netherlands

As announced in our weekly ClimateCafe GreenBlue, testing of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems as bio swales will be tested in Nijmegen. Climatecafe Nijmegen is planned 3 June for research the long term efficiency of climate adaptation measures that are previously mapped on Unique is a small set up due to Covid, but still a high participation of several (applied) universities Radbout and HUAS Groningen with the Deltares, spearheaded by the municipality of Nijmegen.

Results: a high number of climate adaptation measures are mapped on and the unsaturated and saturated performance of swales will be tested (with infiltro meter testing instead of full scale tests) which where implemented more than 5-20 years ago. Special attention is given to the bio diversity of the swales. The results are the backbone of a new maintenance program for the municipality that can be used on (inter)national scale for a better understanding of the required maintenance for a long term efficiency of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems.

Want to join? contact Sidney Tax or Floris Boogaard

Impression of the testing and results: coming up soon