ClimateCafe Euvelgunne Groningen December 2020, The Netherlands

Climatecafe Euvelgunne took place 1 December 2020 where new climate adaptation measures ( are implemented on private land with public and private parties. Unique was the small set up due to Covid, but a high participation of municipality of Groningen, applied university of Groningen, several companies and 2 water authorities.

Results: a high number of climate adaptation measures where mapped on and the unsaturated and saturated performance of swales were tested (with full scale tests). The monitoring will continue for years so the change of hydraulic capacity is studied in detail with recommendation for maintenance.

The study used the FSIT method to measure surface infiltration rates of bio swales, permeable pavements and raingardens.

The results in Groningen should help private owners and stormwater managers with the designing, planning, and scheduling of maintenance requirements for climate adaptation measures with more confidence so that they will continue to perform satisfactorily over their intended design life.