ClimateCafe 22 January 2021, The Netherlands

When: Friday 22 January, 14:00 – 14:45 hrs (CET)
Where: Online via Portal (Forum Studio 2a)
Form: Interactive workshop and debate
How it works: to be fully prepared, check this for online instructions
Admission: Free
Tip: be online in our event 15 minutes in advance, so you know where to go and what to do
Given by: Floris Boogaard and Mindert de Vries

Youth Global Climate Cafe, with Floris Boogaard and students. He said “We will show ‘Action-Acceleration-Adaptation, Think Global, Act Local’ by starting with 3 short videos of (applied) university teams (VHL, Hanze and RUG) that will explain the impact of climate adaptation and opportunities for local action in North East Netherlands. We will have short pitches and a debate to come to Climate Action Strategy with several stakeholders with concrete follow up for climate adaptation.”

Hanze and their partners (RUG, VHL, university of Wageningen and Delft) have several action tracks on ‘Action-Acceleration-Adaptation, Think Global, Act Local’ with citizen science tools as and involving youth in the wicked climate related challenges.

This Workshop was partly made possible thanks to the efforts of Program towards a rich Wadden Sea and Hanze IWP.

A climatecafes are held in Groningen on regular basis to work on international capacity building and raising awareness on topics as climate adaptation and foodsecurity, nature based solutions, resilient cities, finance and infrastructure.