Climate Café is a dynamic community of several international organisations working in a climate cafe setting. Our community includes senior consultants, designers, developers, policy experts, community organizers, environmental scientists, journalists, activists, and many more. We seek to educate and inspire tech and non-tech people alike. There is a lot to do, and no matter what you know, you can help.

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Meet Climatecafe co-founder Floris Boogaard Floris Boogaard has over 20 years experience in urban drainage and water management. His phd research (TU Delft) deals with the characteristics of stormwater and optimising sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) in order to integrate the worlds of spatial planning and climate adaptation and encouraging the implementation of innovative technical and sustainable solutions. Floris Boogaard accepted 1 April 2013 a professorship Spatial Transformations at the school of Architecture, Built Environment & Civil Engineering, NoorderRuimte Centre of Applied Research and Innovation on Area Development at Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. His general research and advice fields include stormwater drainage and infiltration, complex monitoring and optimising sewersystems, design of drainage facilities, water supply and groundwater pollution, urban water quality management and urban water management planning. Floris is the co-founder of the sme INDYMO (innovative dynamic monitoring systems) that monitors watersystems with innovative techniques and tools for climate adaptation as and

Meet Climatecafe co-founder Rick Heikoop

Rick Heikoop – Senior lecturer Water Management at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and project manager at RDM Centre of Expertise .

Rick has a 15+ years record of achievement and demonstrated success in initiating, managing and leading (international) collaborations and partnerships in the water sector in triple helix setup. Rick is passionate about International collaboration and setting up new projects and initiatives to make better cities. ‘It’s fun to visit other places and work together with people from other countries to work on today’s challenges and make better cities, cleaner rivers and improve water management’. Rick is currently working on two of his passions: the Sani-embankment Philippines, which integrates a helophyte filter system in a river embankment, to provide sanitation facilities along river banks in Davao City and City scan method which aims to gather in a short period of time (1-2 weeks) essential data by young professionals and practitioners that enable them to assess the ‘level of resilience’ of a specific street, neighborhood or city with low-cost and low-tech tools and instruments with the aim to create awareness and formulate concrete actions to make resilient cities which were organized in Manila, Cebu City and Rotterdam. This approach was presented at conferences and South Africa and Singapore. Read more about the City Climatescan pilots Manila, Cebu, Semarang and Rotterdam in the post of this website. Read the interview

Meet Climatecafe member Ana Clara Cassanti

My study and working experiences made me believe that it is necessary actions towards a society in which the socio-economic and environmental pillars are integrated.

I think education, science, and development are intrinsically related and they are extremely necessary for the improvement of societies in a sustainable way. There is a huge challenge, especially for developing countries and this is necessary to carefully be studied/handled.

Education, science, social equity, and environment are my passions and I believe in their interconnection for solving societies’ problems.

Meet Climatecafe member Lotte de Jong

Currently, I am in my master program International Land and Water Management at Wageningen University and Research. As part of the program, I intern in the Young Leadership Program of the Global Center on Adaptation. Within my internship, I focus on the participative method of Climatecafe, which aims at accelerating global climate adaptation amongst youth. Furthermore, I work as a research student assistant on an EU project: SENSES in which the focus is to make climate change scenarios accessible for users by co-production.

During my first years on the planet, I got inspired by other countries and cultures. I grew up in Central-America until I was a toddler, so this side of the world is still fascinating and appealing to me. When we moved to the Netherlands my interest in building and teamwork started at a young age at the girl scouts, where I am still volunteering. Travelling and studying, I gained knowledge of English and Spanish. I think the most awesome thing in the world is to see the underwater world. I am a fanatic scuba diver and have a particular love for sharks!