postponed: ClimateCafe Oerol to 2021, Terschelling, The Netherlands

We are delighted to announce that we will organize a ClimateCafé at Oerol festival this June!
Oerol is a big 10 day festival and year round research lab for landscape arts that bridges the gap between emerging artists, renowned scientists, nature conservationists and a large general audience.

In ClimateCafé Oerol you will learn more about salt water infiltration, water quality and heat stress in the island of Terschelling. Together we will map heat stress around the island using bike sensors, assess the water quality with mobile phones and engage the audience perceptions on climate adaptation.

This specific edition will focus on using art as a tool to bridge the gap between science and create awareness on climate adaptation among the visitors of the island. We will use art installations to visualize the data collected and address local climate issues.

You will be working together with students from different backgrounds and nationalities in multidisciplinary teams. You will work in two groups one focusing on heat and one on water using 3 ClimateCafé work packages: surveys, heat stress mapping and salt water infiltration measurement. Both groups will prototype and come up with an art installation that can showcase the data they’ve collected in an interactive way. On the 15th of June you will have the opportunity to present the art pieces to the Oerol audience.
The art installations developed by you will be showcased at the Climate Week in October 2020 in Groningen as part of the public activities throughout the city.

Every June, the island of Terschelling in the Wadden Sea is transformed for ten days into a unique natural stage for theatre, dance, art installations and music. More recent projects display a combination of arts, science and nature. These projects are becoming more and more important, shaping new aspirations of the festival. With a huge audience participating as fieldworkers in laboratory projects the festival becomes a fun but serious living lab. At Oerol new perspectives on society, nature and culture can be explored, by addressing how people move and behave within their surroundings. The shows and lab-projects where mankind and nature meet one another are created for the specific locations in which they take place. From a theatre spectacle to acrobatics and interactive installations: you will find all of this and more in the dunes, on the beaches, in the woods, on the dikes, in sheds or barns and simply in the streets of Terschelling.
Each year, the energy the festival generates attracts hundreds of artists to the island, and thanks to the endless curiosity of all the visitors, they feel the freedom to create new works, to experiment, investigate and present these.

More information about the festival can be found here: