Meet Climatecafe Team member: Rick Heikoop

Rick Heikoop – Senior lecturer Water Management at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and project manager at RDM Centre of Expertise (from Face to Face: Mr Rick Heikoop, @GreeninFuture).

Rick has a 15+ years record of achievement and demonstrated success in initiating, managing and leading (international) collaborations and partnerships in the water sector in triple helix setup. Rick is passionate about International collaboration and setting up new projects and initiatives to make better cities. ‘It’s fun to visit other places and work together with people from other countries to work on today’s challenges and make better cities, cleaner rivers and improve water management’. Rick is currently working on two of his passions: the Sani-embankment Philippines, which integrates a helophyte filter system in a river embankment, to provide sanitation facilities along river banks in Davao City and City scan method which aims to gather in a short period of time (1-2 weeks) essential data by young professionals and practitioners that enable them to assess the ‘level of resilience’ of a specific street, neighborhood or city with low-cost and low-tech tools and instruments with the aim to create awareness and formulate concrete actions to make resilient cities which were organized in Manila, Cebu City and Rotterdam. This approach was presented at conferences and South Africa and Singapore. Read more about the City Climatescan pilots Manila, Cebu, Semarang and Rotterdam in the post of this website.

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